Most of us consider that life is stressful.   But could it be that we are blaming our stress on external factors and not looking at what is driving our stress and anxiety and other fear related emotions and destructive thought patterns?  Could it be that our thinking is the problem, or a particular way of thinking?  The answer to both of these questions is yes.

There is now a new ‘thinking tool’ that can not only bring awareness to what you are doing in your thinking that is driving your problems (thoughts and emotions), but also snaps you out of that kind of thinking and brings you back to yourself, your calm, peaceful, normal and wonderful self.

What The F..K?! is a self-empowering ‘thinking tool’ that draws your attention to, and snaps you out of destructive thinking. They are three simple words. They  can be used as a mantra in your thinking or said out loud, to change your life and your way of being and existing in the world, and to restore your life back to balance.

As with anything in life, there is no 100% guarantee that this thinking tool described here works absolutely every time, as there could be unconscious destructive thinking patterns that are not willing to be recognized or that are still being held onto. So WTF?! can be used as a thinking tool to become aware of those patterns, reflected on, let go of, or to run with the pattern so that the pattern releases.

WTF?! will also only work if there is a commitment to change, to break out of destructive habitual thinking.  If the effort is half hearted, it won’t work. 

What is this destructive thinking that I keep mentioning?  It is what I call ‘Attachment Thinking’. Attachment Thinking is fear-based and is the driver of anxiety, stress, anger, frustration and other problematic emotions in your life. You do Attachment Thinking when you hold onto your thoughts in thinking and live them as real. 

As mentioned previously, using WTF?! draws attention to, and breaks or snaps you out of that kind of destructive thinking. When using WTF?!, you come back to yourself and live in trust and a different kind of thinking, ‘Reflective Thinking’. With Reflective Thinking you have freedom, are open to life and are able to think clearly, creatively and expansively.

Reflective Thinking is a different way of thinking and being in the world and how you live your life changes as a result. You are now no longer stuck and trapped in Attachment Thinking, from which you have no way out. In coming back to yourself; you now not only have the ability to do Reflective Thinking you also have Autonomy which I will go onto explain in the Preface.  In Autonomy you have come back to your true and authentic self. Our true and authentic self is the middle point, the balance, between being selfish and selfless. You  have returned home.

In Autonomy and Reflective Thinking, you are free and independent, not stuck and trapped as you are in Attachment Thinking. You are free to act, think, decide or not to decide, to choose or not to choose. You have clarity, wisdom, understanding (hindsight and foresight), the ability to think clearly and rationally and not be driven by disabling emotions that cloud your thinking and decision making in life. You are free from the prison of Attachment Thinking that not only stops you in your tracks (you are too afraid to do anything), and can live life in a conscious, fulfilling and life enhancing way.

You are able to be a conscious, aware and responsible observer in life, can live your life authentically with the capability of doing anything that you truly desire. This is the power of Autonomy and Reflective Thinking. You are no longer a victim, being stuck and trapped in fear-based destructive thinking and emotions that hold you back from realizing your dreams and potential in life. You are now the solution and driver for change. You have your life back!

Before moving onto what you will learn from this book, it is important to remember that Attachment Thinking, Autonomy and Reflective Thinking is a journey into human experiences. It is what we create or construct in our thinking in language and also the emotions that we generate as a result of the kind of thinking that we do. Thus, they are experiences to learn from, to explore, as the journey is an understanding of ourselves.

It is important not to judge or criticize ourselves for doing what we do, as this journey is about awareness and choice, not judgment. The choice is what we want to conserve for ourselves, our lives and the world as a whole, as both have different consequences for how we be, think (perceive) and how we act and live in the world.

In this book, you will learn:

1. What Attachment Thinking is and how anxiety, stress and other problematic emotions are generated through this kind of thinking.

2. How you create all of the experiences that show up in Attachment Thinking. These experiences of how you live in your thinking, what kind of thinking you do, how you live your life and how you operate in the world. These experiences show how destructive Attachment Thinking is, and how you delude yourself that this kind of thinking is real.

3. How to break the cycle of Attachment Thinking and move into Autonomy, Reflective Thinking, and recover your true authentic self.

4. What you do in both ways of thinking and what happens or shows up as a result. This is provided as a quick reference guide to use in your daily life to check when you are in, or doing Attachment Thinking or Autonomy, Reflective Thinking. See Table, What Shows Up, Chapter 3.

Empower yourself and be the driver for change in your life!  Learn how to be conscious of destructive thought patterns and emotions (Attachment Thinking), break the cycle, return back to yourself and a different way of being and thinking by purchasing a copy of the book now.