challenge yourself, challenge your thinking!




This website is dedicated to raising awareness of the source of negative thinking and emotions and what the solution is.  This awareness helps you discover the true source, how to break the cycle, return to yourself and reclaim your life though changing how you think.

I offer a whole new approach, method and tools than what is presently on offer from the usual approaches in self help, self development or self improvement. 

The usual approaches are to switch our thoughts from negative to positive, become the observer, mindfulness, meditation, rewiring our brains, focus on the present moment and see yourself and your life differently.  

These approaches as solutions to changing our thinking primarily don't work because we always end up back in negative thinking.  They don't break the cycle, they suspend it and so are band-aid solutions. 

My new approach gets to the source of negative thinking through an understanding of how we think.  This is both the problem and solution for change.  The how puts the focus on what we do in thinking, i.e. what we specifically do to generate or create negative thinking and what the solution is, a different type of thinking. 

This requires awareness of not just what we are doing but also what is created through both types of thinking, thoughts and emotions. With awareness comes change.  This enables you to see what you are doing in thinking and what you are generating as a result.  This is what my approach does.  

My method through awareness helps you to snap out of and break the cycle, return to yourself and a different type of thinking.  This is done through using my two new thinking tools for change.  These enable you to be back in charge so that you can begin to see yourself, your life and the world differently and make wise, conscious, responsible choices and decisions for how you want to live your life.

Using this approach, method and tools will stop the pain and suffering, the anxiety, stress and fear, the thoughts that sabotage you, your life and potential, the worries, doubts and insecurities, of being a victim of the past and life in general. When you snap out of and break the cycle, you return back to yourself and you are back in charge.  The world that you created through how you think is no longer there and a whole new world of options and possibilities using a different way of thinking now becomes possible.  

To find out more about the source and the solution, you can go to my blog page or enroll in my new online course, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. You can find out more details about that here.