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Are negative thoughts and emotions - fears, doubts and insecurities running your life?

Are they stopping you from taking charge and doing what you need to do or what you want to accomplish in your life?

Are you seeking a solution for change?

You have come to the right place at the right time.

I am here to help you uncover the true source of negative thoughts and emotions:

  • The thoughts that sabotage you, your life and potential.

  • Thoughts of self doubt and insecurities that limit what you think you can and can’t do.

  • The emotions that run your life, for example, fear, anxiety and stress.

All of us suffer from negative thoughts and emotions. You can end this suffering now and take the next natural step in your personal and professional growth and development!

Learn not only how to identify the true source, but also how to break the cycle, and return to your true authentic self, where you, not your thoughts or emotions, take charge so that you can lead the life that you truly want to live.

This is a whole new approach, method and tools that are different from the normal ways to change your life through your thinking. They offer proprietary deep insights into how we think as being both the problem and solution for change. It is a proven system that has worked not only for myself but also the students who have done the course. What is the new approach, method and tools and how do they differ from the norm?


The New Approach

The new approach helps you to become aware of the driver of negative thinking and emotions. It puts the focus on HOW you think which is the problem and solution for change.

The focus is on awareness, what you do in thinking. This highlights how you create negative thinking (thoughts) and emotions in language.

What I discovered is that when I hold on in my thinking or I am attached to a thought, I generate fear-based emotions and thoughts or thought patterns (thoughts that repeat). I saw that this was the driver of negative thinking and emotions.

I call this type of thinking “Attachment Thinking” as it highlights how you create it.

This discovery is true for all of us. When we hold on in our thoughts, we generate fear-based emotions and thought patterns no matter what language is spoken or where one lives in the world. The emotions and thought patterns are the same.

While you think you are the only one suffering, you are not. We all suffer from how we think, its universal! So, how is this approach different from the normal ways to change your life through your thinking?


The Difference in Approaches

The normal way of changing your thinking to change your life is to switch from negative to positive thinking. If you think positive or happy thoughts, your life will change. Does this work though?

More often than not it doesn’t, because you find yourself back in negative thinking again. The change is temporary and acts as a band-aid solution. It doesn’t break the cycle.

It is also fake positivity as it is a mask to cover what you actually feel.

My new approach is different. It gets to the source of negative thinking which is Attachment Thinking.

This type of thinking needs to be understood before the cycle can be broken and replaced with the solution, Reflective Thinking, what you do when you return back to yourself.

When you do Reflective Thinking, you are not holding onto anything. All the negative thoughts and emotions including the past, are not there anymore. The suffering has ended because you are not holding on or attached to anything anymore. You are free from suffering!

This is the power of the awareness of how you think.

When you return to yourself, you become a different person. You are not stressed, anxious or fearful. Instead you return to your natural state, trust. You are now back to your true self - calm, centred, productive, present, strong, in charge. You now think and act differently. You and your life changes as a result.

Change requires awareness not fixing. You are not fixing yourself. You are becoming aware of how you are thinking and through awareness you have change.


The New Method & Tools

My method requires using two new thinking tools for change. When you have the awareness of when you are in or doing Attachment Thinking, the first tool helps you snap out of it and breaks the cycle. The second helps you to return to yourself that enables you to do Reflective Thinking.

The Difference in the Method & Tools

These tools are very different from the current methods and tools to break free from negative thoughts and emotions. The current ones are:

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Switching our thoughts from negative to positive

These current methods and tools however in the end do not work because they do not get to the source or break the cycle. They suspend it and as such are temporary band-aid solutions.

My approach, awareness method and tools get to the source and break the cycle. This is the difference.

You might be thinking to yourself right now, well yes, this all makes sense and I could certainly do with this, but do I truly need it? Do I even have enough time to become aware and implement the approach, method and tools into my life? Is it going to be too much work? Am I up for it?


Need This Approach?

  • If you are suffering from fear, stress, anxiety, the past, depression, insecurities, self doubt and you are sabotaging yourself and your life, then YES, you need this!

  • If you are not being productive, caught up in fear, worries and doubts about yourself, the future, you feel like a victim and you are not in charge of your life, then YES, you need this!

  • If you have lost yourself and you don’t know what to do in your life, you are not in charge, then YES, you need this!

  • If you want to change how you are as a human being and return to your strong, calm, normal, authentic and genuine true self, then YES, you need this!

  • If you want to see yourself and your life through options and possibilities, take charge and be truly responsible and live the life you truly want, then YES, you need this!

What about time? How long will it take to gain this awareness and can you fit it into your daily schedule?



When you become aware of how you do Attachment Thinking and what the thought patterns and emotions are, you will quickly become adept at spotting them. You will however, need to spend some time to learn what these are. If you are truly committed though, it won’t take you long.

When you become aware of these, you can quickly use the thinking tools to become aware, snap you out of Attachment Thinking, break the cycle and return to yourself and Reflective Thinking.

Can you fit these steps into your daily schedule, YES! It only takes a few minutes when you become adept at what you need to do. And you can of course use these tools in any sort of situation in your life - work, sports, home, relationships, outdoor activities, running and managing a business etc.

As it only takes a few minutes of your time and can easily fit into your schedule, are you willing to invest in yourself and take the time to learn, and if so, how can you do that?


How Do You Learn the New Approach & Method?

The approach, method and tools are only being offered through my new online course. The course is self paced and consists of 3 modules. It takes approximately one hour to go through all of the 3 modules.

These modules are a step-by-step guide on how to become aware of Attachment Thinking, how you do it, how to know when you are in or doing it (awareness of thought patterns and emotions), how to break the cycle using my two new thinking tools for change to return to yourself and Reflective Thinking.

Below is what you get in the course in more detail.




The Source - What Needs to Change

What you will learn in this module:

  • Identifying the source of negative thoughts and emotions (negative thinking):
    What is Attachment Thinking and how do you do it?

  • What happens when you do Attachment Thinking?

  • How do you know when you are in or doing Attachment Thinking?

  • Escape Routes: What the normal routes are to break free

  • Breaking the cycle: Awareness - What you need to know.


The Solution for Change

What you will learn in this module:

  • Identifying the Solution: What is Reflective Thinking and how do you do it?

  • What happens when you do Reflective Thinking?

  • How do you know when you are in or doing Reflective Thinking?


The Journey of Change

What you will learn in this module:

  • The Cycles of Change: How you create and cycle between your fear and trust-based self through how you think (Attachment & Reflective Thinking). This includes exploring the differences between the two in terms of what shows up and what does and doesn’t become possible.

  • Choosing Change: The tools that you need.


You will also get these extra bonuses:

  • A FREE 1/2 hour consulting call with myself. Please contact me to schedule a date and time.

  • A free copy of my book WTF!?…How am I thinking?: A Thinking Tool for Change.
    This book is to help you delve deeper into both Attachment & Reflective Thinking.

  • Exercise Sheets that help reinforce what you have learnt in the course and take your learning further.

  • The opportunity to join and participate in a member only FB Group of like-minded people where you can share and learn together in a caring and supportive environment PLUS get access to me. I will personally answer any questions in the group.

All of the modules and bonuses are there to help you not only make,
but also continue the journey for change.

** I also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

PRICE of course

The course is being offered at a new special introductory price of $197 for the first 20 students. This is extraordinary value for the course and the bonuses and it won’t stay long at this price.

So please enroll now by clicking on the button below.


Jane Cull is an author, speaker and consultant on Thinking Tools for Change.  She is the author of Living Systems:  An Introductory Guide to the Theories of Humberto Maturana & Francisco Varela, The Circularity of Life:  An Essential Shift for Sustainability and her latest book, WTF?!…How am I Thinking: A Thinking Tool for Change.

She is an expert on the Theories of Living Systems, and in particular the Biology of Cognition, the ground-breaking work of renowned Chilean Biologist and Systems Thinker, Dr Humberto Maturana.

Jane addresses the root of our problems, what she calls 'Attachment Thinking', raising awareness of the universality of what shows up when we do this kind of thinking and what the solution is.  The solution is a different kind of thinking in which we become conscious, aware and responsible for ourselves and our lives. Her thinking tools for change not only raise awareness, they also help to break the cycle of this destructive thinking.

She has given talks, workshops and seminars on the Biology of Cognition to a vast array of academic and non-academic audiences in both Australia and the United States.

Jane spends most of her time skiing, being in the snow and mountains, enjoys hiking and being in nature in general.

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DR. SANJEEV TANWAR, MBBS, DA, ADRU, PhD, MBA, India: A game changer! - “This course is a game changer! I have been to many motivational speaking events and listened to Dr Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Dr Andrew Weil. What sets this course apart from these speakers is that Jane offers a step by step process on how to identify negative thoughts and emotions in any given situation, tools on how to break the cycle and return to yourself to do Reflective Thinking. I can now switch my emotions from fear to trust and use Reflective Thinking in any situation in life. Following her process and tools has enabled me to be calm, take charge and have clarity of thought. The insights I have gained through her course are invaluable! Thank you Jane!”

Student Jenna Blasman.jpg

JENNA BLASSMAN, Canada, Pro Snowboarder & Business Owner: This made an impact in my life! - "In just a couple of days, a sense of relief has been been found. This course gave me a tool that has already begun to make an impact in my life. This tool, Reflective Thinking, has helped me move into a more peaceful state of mind. As a result, I have been acting on things that make me feel good and are in alignment with who I really am. Thank you Jane!”

Student Catherine Vassalo.jpg

CATHERINE VASSALLO, Australia, Change Analyst: Excellent Course! “The tools used in this course have been well thought out and can be applied to many situations. After having a number of counselling sessions with my psychologist, if these tools were introduced early into my sessions, I feel my healing process and my thought patterns would have improved much quicker. Excellent course Jane!”


SALLY LARKIN GREEN, USA, Life Coach: Excellent Content! - “I enjoyed learning theses concepts. We can only change our lives by changing our thinking. This is a great resource for someone trying to understand their own negative thinking and mindset and how to change it. It would be an excellent tool for therapists and for those trying to assist people with negative thought patterns and depression.”

Student Amy Ricksecker.jpg

AMY RICKSECKER, Sweden, Artist: I highly recommend this course! - “I highly recommend this course. It has helped me snap out of negative, Attachment Thinking, and I now have more control of my life. Jane is an excellent author and guide with great teaching skills as she explains in detail the different types of thinking and how to shift from one to the other so that you can become more aware and in tune with yourself and life. Once I was aware, it was easier to change my way of thinking which then changes my relationships, the choices I make and direction in my life. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Student Tuva H.jpg

TUVA GURIGARD HAUGAN, Norway, Cross Country Ski Instructor: Great life learning experience! - “This course is great! Jane outlines and explains both ways of thinking, Attachment and Reflective, including techniques on how to move from one to the other, very clearly. The exercise sheets provided in the course are also very helpful in my daily life as I have been using them to help break the cycle of Attachment Thinking. Before I would often be stuck in this kind of thinking, a spinning game, but with Jane’s explanation of how I do it and what happens when I do it and using her different method, I can now break out of this thinking and use Reflective Thinking instead. This has helped me get my thinking straight. Now I look at facts rather than being obsessed with details and overthinking. I highly recommend this course!”

Student Chin-Hung Fung.jpg

CHIN-FUNG HUNG, Hong Kong, Marketing Manager: Great course and works instantly if you choose to change your mindset! “I was recommended by a friend to try out Jane’s course. I was sceptical at first, but saw a positive change after I start applying Reflective Thinking. 

Only a week ago, I was frustrated, somewhat lost and going down a rabbit hole. The exercises help me to understand my real thoughts and how to get out of self-destructive thinking.  

Thanks Jane for all the course material and advice! For people in a similar situation as myself, I would highly recommend to try out Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life course.”