A ground-breaking new self-help book that uncovers the root of anxiety, stress, anger and destructive thought patterns has been released online today.

WTF?!...How am I thinking? is written by Wanaka-based Australian author Jane Cull. The book addresses the driver of fear-based emotions and thought patterns, while offering readers the tools to alter their way of thinking in order to change their lives.

In WTF?!...How am I thinking? Cull has coined the term 'Attachment Thinking', which is defined as a habitual and unconscious thought process that is responsible for destructive thought patterns and problematic emotions. Using the tools in the book, people are empowered to break the cycle of Attachment Thinking and return to 'Reflective Thinking', where we become conscious, self-aware, genuine and responsible.

“Our thinking is not only the problem, it is also the solution. In changing our way of thinking, we break the cycle of this problematic, destructive, unconscious and habitual thinking,” Cull explains.

Cull’s findings on Attachment and Reflective Thinking are experientially-based. Her findings were derived from her own and other people’s personal experiences worldwide.

“These are universal human experiences. No matter what language we speak or where we live in the world, if we do Attachment Thinking, the same patterns and emotions show up for all human beings. The same is true when we come back to ourselves and do Reflective Thinking. The patterns are the same,” she says.

“As our way of thinking changes, our way of being, living, relating and understanding changes. We are able to excel physically, mentally and emotionally. We are clear, capable and productive and live in a more effortless flow of life - without fear, worry, stress or self-doubt. We see and live life from a whole different perspective.

“This book will not only help people come back to themselves, it will also help them to create a completely new way of thinking for a better way of living. It is relevant for everyone including athletes, professionals, educators, CEOs, parents, leaders.”

Cull is an expert on The Biology of Cognition, the work of Dr Humberto Maturana, a Chilean biologist and systems thinker, and has written extensively on denial, suppression and trust as the basis for a shift in perception and world views. Cull coined the term Attachment Thinking as a way to define and understand this particular kind of thinking and the ramifications it has for all human beings and their lives.

Available from, the book is $US9.99 for the Kindle edition and $US40 for the hardcover edition.

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About Jane Cull

Jane Cull is an author, speaker and consultant on thinking tools for change. She is the author of Living Systems: An Introductory Guide to the Theories of Humberto Maturana & Francisco Varela and The Circularity of Life: An Essential Shift for Sustainability. She is an expert on the Theories of Living Systems and in particular The Biology of Cognition, the ground-breaking work of renowned Chilean biologist and systems thinker, Dr Humberto Maturana.  In WTF?!...How am I thinking? Jane switches from sustainability and the ‘big picture’ back to ourselves to address a problematic way of thinking and provide a solution for change.  Jane has given talks, workshops and seminars on the Biology of Cognition to a vast array of academic and non-academic audiences in both Australia and the United States.  She was also the Associate Editor of the biannual academic Journal of Applied Systems Studies and is part of the Great Transition Initiative, an international network of scholars and activists that analyses alternative scenarios and charts a path to a hopeful future. She is on the advisory board of the Barcelona Consensus, a project dedicated to transitioning to a sustainable society. Originally from Australia, Jane currently lives in Wanaka, New Zealand.