Our Thinking is Not Only the Problem, It is Also the Solution for Change


Now I might be stating the obvious here, but in your day-to-day life, how often do you pay attention to your thoughts and think about how they determine your emotions, perceptions, actions, choices and decisions that you make in your life? Do you even question whether they are real or not?  Do you think about the consequences of those thoughts and the impact those have had on yourself, your life, others, your career or relationships?  Have you ever noticed that you become your thoughts or emotions?

We can’t change our thoughts in the moment in which they show up or what we are thinking in the moment.  What we can do instead is reflect and become aware that “how” we think, not “what”, determines our emotions, perceptions, actions, choices and decisions in our lives.  

This awareness is fundamental in our lives as “how” we think drives everything.  When there is awareness of “how”, the source of thinking, then our lives and what we do, changes as a result.

So if you find yourself thinking negatively about yourself, your life, others, your relationships, work, whatever it is, you need to pay attention to the ‘how’ as this is the source.  The ‘how’ is both the source and driver for change.  It is not the brain, the mind or your consciousness that is driving negative thinking.  It is how you are thinking.  

You are responsible for how you think.  If you do not get to the source, understand it, learn the thought patterns and emotions that show up so that you have the awareness of what you are doing, then you will remain in this destructive cycle and your life will not change.  

Change is only possible through awareness.  Without that you have nothing.  You need to reflect on what you are doing in order to change.

It is all very well to shift your negative thoughts to positive thoughts, to become the observer, to not engage with negative thoughts and emotions, to meditate or become mindful, or to see yourself and your life differently to change it.  But all of these solutions to the problem do not fundamentally change it.  Why?  Because the source is not being addressed, thus these solutions will only be temporary. They are in fact band-aid solutions. The source has to be addressed for change to work.

This website is dedicated to raising awareness of the source of negative thinking and emotions and what the solution is enabling you to take charge to change your thinking to change your life.

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