“Our thinking is not only the problem, it is also the solution for change.”

Many of our problems, personal, social and environmental, are driven by how we think.  It’s not what we are thinking, it is how.  These problems are driven by what I call ‘Attachment Thinking’ where we hold on in our thoughts and generate fear-based emotions and thought patterns.  It is destructive, habitual and unconscious and is the driver for stress, anxiety, anger, resentment, frustration, depression, grief and ultimately, pain and suffering.  As a result, when we do this kind of thinking it affects not only ourselves but also how we live our lives, how we relate and interact with others, the environment and the planet as a whole.

When we do Attachment Thinking we become linear and tunnel vision thinkers. We cannot see the woods for the trees.  We don’t think our thoughts through in a clear, calm, rational, productive, conscious and responsible way.  We are blind and unconscious in our thinking and actions.  We make rash choices and decisions in our lives that are fear-driven.  We do not consider the outcomes of those choices and decisions; the impacts for ourselves, our lives, others, the environment and the world as a whole.  What is needed therefore, is another way of thinking that not only becomes the answer to solving our problems, but is also the solution for change as our problems are thought driven.

What is this other way of thinking?  It is 'Reflective Thinking'.  Reflective Thinking is trust-based.  We do not hold onto our thoughts, we reflect instead.  We become conscious, aware, genuine, authentic and responsible.  We now have the cognitive ability and potential in language to think clearly, calmly and rationally in creative and expansive ways that are not possible in Attachment Thinking.  

As Reflective Thinking is expansive thinking, we have clarity, vision, wisdom and purpose.  We are able to think from a wider perspective - big picture and detail.  We are able to consider the impacts and consequences of our choices and decisions in a larger and broader framework based on insight, hindsight and foresight.  We have clarity and we are now conscious, aware and responsible thinkers.  We act from awareness and responsibility. This is the power of Reflective Thinking and what it enables us to do. 

To transition from Attachment Thinking to Reflective Thinking, thinking tools are needed to not only become aware but also to come back to our true and authentic selves and do Reflective Thinking. 

To find out what the thinking tools are, how to use them and the emotions and thought patterns of Attachment and Reflective Thinking (what shows up), what does and doesn’t become possible and how you can become the driver for change in your life, you can enroll in my new online course, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. For more details, please click here.

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